hp P4014When you invest in a product you want it serve its purpose and last a long time. You look for brand names that you can trust and want the product to be backed by a manufacturer when it fails to operate as advertised. How does buying a refurbished (or reconditioned) product fit into your decision making process?

What is "refurbished"?

Any product that has been returned to the factory when customer returns the product to a retailer, for a variety of reasons, will go through an rigorous refurbishment process to be certified by the manufacturer before re-entering the retail market and carries the same manufacturer warranty as a 'new' product.

What is the difference betwee Refurbished vs. Certified Reconditioned products?

According to HP, "The packaging on refurbished products from HP could be labeled either "Refurbished" or "Certified Reconditioned." Regardless of labeling, there is no difference in the refurbishing process, the components used, or the technicians that do work. And both are covered with an HP limited warranty."

Where do refurbished products come from?

Refurbished business equipment can come from a variety of sources. The following is a list of general sources:

  • Customer returns and cancelled orders - Otherwise fully-functional products that leave the warehouse and now the term 'new' can not be used
  • Overstocks - a dealer may return products to make room for new product lines
  • Demonstration - Demo products can be refurbushed and resold
  • Damaged products - A product may be returned due to a broken/missing part, it may have cosmetic flaws or damage from packaging or shipping

In any of the above mentioned cases, all refurbished or certified reconditioned products will go through the same rigorous process before it is sent out for resale. The product will only be certified if it meets the same standards as a new product.